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Loving Embrace has been a great help to our clients finding the perfect curved band to wrap around their antique and vintage engagement rings. Having so many options to choose from, in both the degree of curve and use of gemstones, has made shopping for the perfect band a fun and unique experience.

Claire Ladd @ Waltons in TN

"Loving Embrace" has provided us with a cost effective way to provide our customers with a sparkling diamond band that looks great up against their current ring.  Customers often come in looking for a single band, but end up buying two, one for each side of their ring.

Jim Gannaway @ GB Jewelers in OR

We have been using the Loving Embrace program for several years and are very pleased. With 12 curvatures and many different styles, practically any engagement ring can be easily matched. The workmanship and service are exceptional. An added benefit we've found is that joining 2 of the curved bands simplifies building insert rings.

Paul Morton Jewelers in CT

We have been using the loving embrace curved band system for several years in all of our 8 locations.  It a no brainer and great margins to be made from.  We start and close every conversation with a customer band for a pre-existing wedding ring with this kit! 

Michael Rousso @ Brown Lee Jewelers

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