About Loving Embrace

Ptak developed, patented and introduced the Loving Embrace contour wedding band tool in 2012. It was brought to market so that Ptak could help jewelers overcome the everyday challenge of finding a wedding band that sits flush to an engagement ring without having the hassle of ordering custom bands. Jewelers across the country quickly learned of the tool and began adding it to their arsenals. Just as you need a tool to size a customers finger, you need a tool to check the curvature of a clients engagement ring.

Since that time, demand for custom design, quick delivery, and great service has sky-rocketed. The Loving Embrace program was introduced, and evolved into a 25 customizable styles which were designed to fit all styles of engagement rings. The Loving Embrace kit is a must have for all jewelers as it simplifies the wedding band selection process and allows retailers to confidently promise quick delivery of a quality wedding band.

Although Ptak's parent company has allowed distribution of the contour rings through other manufacturers, Ptak remains the sole owner and developer of the tool, and is the only manufacturer who continues to innovate and offer new styling to it's partner stores.  As long as you have the tool in your store, you can utilize this website and take advantage of great pricing, service, and branding!